The Singaporean authorities are not very fond of gambling, though the small country is home to some of the world’s best casinos as well. While visitors can gamble with relative ease, locals often find it more challenging, particularly because of the strict implementation of gambling laws in Singapore.

That said, the authorities are cracking down on the practice more vigorously than ever before. Tourists may still be able to wager small sums on indoor pools and sports betting facilities inside the several national parks and tourist centers across Singapore.

However, a large number of these gambling facilities have been closed down in recent years as a result of the rising popularity of online gambling. Although, gambling online is still in a tough spot as their gambling law isn’t completely clear about online casino sites and their casino games.

Visitors may still enjoy the beautiful scenery that the country is known for and may also be able to find many good restaurants and entertainment venues in the area. Singapore is a safe city for tourists and there is no reason to worry about the legalities associated with gambling in the country.

However, some residents continue to express concerns over the direction the gambling industry is taking in Singapore, particularly the increasing number of land-based casino locations being built outside of Singapore in other countries.

One of the concerns that many Singaporeans have is the possibility of corruption with the multi-billion-dollar investments that are required to open up local businesses such as mobile gambling sites.

Some fear that the multi-billion-dollar industry that is now available through offshore gambling companies will be abused by dishonest businessmen. Others argue that by allowing offshore companies to open up in the country, Singapore will become a favored location for organized crime.

Regardless of these concerns, the government has taken steps to protect the interests of Singapore citizens and protect the interests of all countries surrounding Singapore.

Is it legal to gamble in Singapore?

The legal status of gambling in Singapore is a complex issue and continues to be debated between various government officials. Recently, Singapore introduced a law that states all casinos must operate under the supervision of a government-approved board of examiners.

This board is designed to ensure that all licensed gambling operators remain honest and provide a fair playing environment for all people.

Hopefully, this new law can help to solve the problem of Singaporean’s going to increasingly take part in online casino gaming and gambling to feed their voracious appetites.

The answer to whether it is legal to gamble in the country varies depending on who you ask. If you are looking for an American tourist, the answer is probably yes. If you are a local, however, the answer is probably no. Furthermore, you need to be at least 18 years of age to be legally allowed to gamble.

The Remote Gambling Act of 2014

The Remote Gambling Act or RGA was created to put strict control over the many aspects of online gambling in Singapore. It helped create several points that draw the line between what’s legal and what isn’t. It is also aimed to prevent and lessen minor players from gambling.

Online casino gambling such as lottery tickets is legal in the country and two websites, in particular, are operated by the government: Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Other gambling-related products online are still left in an ill-defined situation or field. But many believed that many operators may be granted certificates and licenses to operate soon.

Despite this, it is still possible to legally wager a penny on any of hundreds of lottery games that are regularly held across Singapore. Also, Singaporean are often resorting to other methods to get access to online casino websites such as making use of Virtual Private Networks or VPN.

If there is any risk for illegally gambling online or playing any casino games on an unlicensed online casino Singapore site, you can be arrested and put in jail for up to 6 months without an arrest warrant necessary. You could also be required to pay up to a $5,000 fine or be held in jail at the same time.

The legal problems surrounding gambling in Singapore do not extend to its neighboring countries or to the people of other nations who come to visit the country. Visitors to Singapore may still enjoy their choice of local and international casinos as long as they follow the local laws.

Tips when gambling in Singapore

Now that you have learned a thing or two about gambling and online gambling in Singapore, let’s now talk about some ways to help you gamble with no consequences nor any caveats involved. Gambling on one of the world’s best gambling destinations is a dream come true.

Gamble privately

Perhaps the best way to gamble in Singapore is to do it privately. Avoid gambling in public places especially at gaming houses where many people gather and gambling is very frequent. Going online is still everyone’s safest option.

As mentioned earlier, one thing that people do as a workaround is using a VPN. A virtual private network masks your browsing activity, especially your location. This means any online activity is treated as if you are not in Singapore at all.

Gamble only with trusted friends

If you choose to gamble with friends, one thing that you should always keep in mind is that you should only do it with your most trusted friends. Gambling alongside your closest buddies is indeed an ideal and fun way to gamble but make sure that all of you can bank on each other’s back.

Place small bets

Avoid spending too much money when gambling. Only place a small amount of money and the best thing to do while you are at it is to put a limit on your wager. If you can, manage your bankroll efficiently. Doing this keeps authorities from keeping a suspicious eye on your online activities.

Gamble only with exempted operators

As much as possible, you would want to gamble only on legally licensed online casino websites to avoid the consequences of doing it illegally. Furthermore, make sure that you are not breaking other gambling laws such as the age limitation. Always keep these in mind and you’ll do fine.

Best casino games

While it is undeniable that Singapore has some of the most luxurious world-class casino resorts and gaming floors, the country is never lacking casino games that people from around the world can’t get enough of.

You’ll find that each online casino in Singapore is built to bring the full Singapore land-based casino experience right at the comfort of your home, or in your pocket if you are a person that is usually outdoors. This is why many mobile casino games are also common in the country.

Some of the best casino games you can find are Poker, Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack. Each game offers a variety. This means that there are loads of options to choose from, more flexibility, and games will never get tiring.

The best thing about the so-called online casino Singapore experience is the ability to enjoy the many incredible casino games and awesome casino promotions, bonuses, and deals that come along with it. This is why you should always be on the lookout when it comes to such promos.

In summary, Singapore is home to many breath-taking gambling facilities and the same can be said true for casino games. Our current technology allows players to also have the option to take the mobile casino Singapore experience with you anywhere at any time.

Mobile casino games

Combining all the luxurious gaming floors in Singapore, the country is perhaps bigger than Vegas or any other casino-centric places in the world. We’ve all been left in amazement of how impressive land-based casino resorts are in Singapore but many still forget that a gambling alternative for the country exists.

Mobile casino games have provided convenience and accessibility that was never possible before. In the early days of the internet and online casino, our imagination was only limited to how vast the internet space can be. Today, casino in mobile is a true technical marvel of its own.

Many online casino Singapore websites have shifted, if not, invested in bringing and expanding their line of products over to the mobile market. You can choose to play your favorite casino games through a web browser or through downloading a dedicated app.

Regardless, mobile casino Singapore apps are known to run smoothly on any portable device such as tablets and smartphones. Gambling on-the-go has made your casino experience much more satisfying and rewarding.

Singapore lottery

One of the most popular (and safe) online gambling websites to get your lottery fix is Singapore Pools. They are the main source of all things lottery complete with all the licenses and certificates to operate in the country.

Apart from casino games and mobile casino games, Lottery is one of the most common forms of gambling in Singapore, and it is with purpose. Most lottery winnings are for the benefit of charitable works and other national funding.