Do Online Casinos Cheat?

People who do gamble at casino online websites, whether relatively new or not, have asked themselves the question of whether online casino sites do cheat. Any online gambling Singapore player could share the natural skepticism with most casino games being run by software and AI program.

Does it exist?

Many gamblers are becoming more suspicious about the integrity of their favorite casino. This is probably because that many casinos have recently been caught red-handed, or more recently, several scandals have occurred within the casinos.

The simple answer to this question is yes, it does exist. You should never play in a casino where you don’t feel like you are being cheated. This is one of the most basic things that you should always remember when playing on a casino.

However, this is not the entire story and we’re here to learn more about the truth.

Gaining the players’ trust

Casino online websites have a lot of different aspects of their operations, which one would usually overlook in the rush to get started. You must take a look at the most important aspect of a casino, and that is the gaming table. It is in this area where the trust factor comes in.

Bonuses and gifts

One way of understanding how online casino sites gain the trust of players is by providing bonuses. Some sites have several bonus programs. These can be in the form of special deals, which give you a certain percentage of your purchase price, or some other offer.

They can also be in the form of gifts, which you will receive after you win. If the site has a variety of different promotions and offers, they are most likely to be well-liked by players. As long as these are not too costly, players will want to take them.

Once the player understands that there are no strings attached to the game, they will usually begin to play more often.

Fair play

Online casino websites may have different rules and regulations, but they are all created with the same purpose in mind, which is to provide casino gamers with the best of casino gambling. All have their own rules and regulations so that all players enjoy and feel comfortable.

There are numerous ways that casino online sites promote fair play. Since most of the casino games you can find similar to those found on Singapore online casino websites are all run by software or program, they ensure that the games themselves are not rigged and are genuinely using RNG.

Games like live casino games, which have an abundance of players in the majority of online casino Singapore sites, demonstrate fairness with the representation of actual live dealers. Additionally, the current technology that we have also allowed for multiple cameras and viewing angles, too.

Why online casinos would not cheat

The reason why online casino sites are not cheating players of their money is because that they are a company of professionals who are in business to win. They have security measures that are in place to prevent cheating and they do their absolute best to not allow anyone to try and do so.

Therefore, players can feel confident that the site they are playing on is safe and that their money is safe as well.

Finally, the other reason why online casinos do not cheat players is that they don’t have the reason nor the motive to do so. In other words, they don’t need to. What is at stake here are online casino’s reputation and the brand that they are trying to maintain.

Many would think that casinos would do such a thing to “save” themselves some money but it would actually bring the opposite effect if they attempt to do such a thing. Playing by the rules and regulations will always make casinos be at their best in the long run.


So, how does online casino cheating occur? There are a variety of different ways in which both players and online casinos can get around casino rules. Always play with integrity and do not be afraid to give online casinos some trust.

While online casinos appear to have a big motivation to bend and break their own rules to benefit or generate a bigger revenue, it’s not even going to be worth their time at all.