All you need to know about online casinos in Thailand

As you know, Thailand is one of the biggest gambling countries in the world. Almost 70% of the population in their country is gambling. However, the legality of gambling in their country is something that you should be aware of.

Thailand truly is a wonderful country. The amazing places and heritage are what make it something worth traveling for. But if you are traveling in search of someplace to enjoy and play casino you better change your destination.

As you see, Thailand has very strict regulations when it comes to gambling. As a matter of fact, the only available kind of gambling in this country is the local lottery and horse racing.

If you happen to get involved in some illegal actions, like gambling in a secret casino, better get ready to pay serious fines or worse, jail time.

The legality of gambling in Thailand

All forms of gambling in Thailand is illegal. This is their law (Act of B.E. 2478 of 1935) and the only legal form of betting in their country is their local lottery and horse racing in Bangkok. Thailand’s laws in terms of gambling are well organized and characterized in two sectors. These are annex A and annex B. A & B are focused on the illegality of blood sports that includes animals. Cock, dog, bull, or any sports that is considered an act of animal cruelty are not prohibited. Also, casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, slot games and other types of sports betting are not allowed.

If you ever get caught or get entangled with the said types of gambling above, the fine ranges from 4,000 to 5,000 baht plus imprisonment minimum of three years. But in sports betting which is under annex B the fine ranges from 500 to 1,000  baht plus a minimum of one-year imprisonment.

If you think that’s crazy? Wait until you hear this. Selling of playing cards and unauthorized ownership of such things is punishable under their law (Act of B.E. 2542 of 1999).

But even though they have these laws why is Thailand still one of the biggest gambling countries in Asia?

Online casino in Thailand

The answer to the question above is this. There numbers of underground online gambling in Thailand. The number of bookies is expanding every year. This is what the people of The Land of Smiles are using.

From teens up to the 60 years old above are using online gambling nowadays. But how do they continue to operate if they are legal? It is because they are operating elsewhere and out of reach from the jurisdiction of Thailand.

However, There was a time that all gambling operations that are based in Thailand were raided and a lot of famous bookies were forced to shut down. This is how serious they are in terms of gambling.

Bet at your own risk

Despite the heavy metal law of Thailand, Bettors can still play online bookies that are not operated inside their country. However, you still have to be careful because you’ll never know if someone will break down on your door and put handcuffs in your hands.