The best online gambling casinos for placing safe bets

Since the year online casinos became famous, a lot of online bookies have emerged left and right especially in Thailand. Thailand has the most number of online casinos throughout the world. Despite the tight security in gambling they have managed to safely operate but there are some who were turned down because of licensing issues.

Because of this there have been doubts about where gamblers can safely place their bet because some bookies are being closed because of legality problems.

There are ways on how to know if a bookie is legal or not. That is what we are going to talk about in this article.


This is the best way to know if you can rely on online gambling or not. You should look for their license.

Typically the license of every casino is displayed on their homepage with the logo of the licensing body. If you cannot see it on the homepage you can look for it in the terms and conditions or faq’s section in their footer. If you can’t find one license it means the bookie that you are on is illegal.

But what if there is a licensing body in the footer or in the terms and conditions? How would you tell if that license is legit or not? The answer is to go to the web page of a licensing body and search the online casino list that they have credited to operate. If you can’t find it there the bookie is obviously fake.

Payment methods

The payment method is a critical factor in an online bookie. Without it the players can deposit and the winners cannot withdraw.

An authentic online gambling site has many payment methods because the banks trust them. However there are some who only have a few but they are still legit.

So how would you know if that casino is legit? Check their payment methods. If the banks and methods that they are using always change it is probably an illegal bookie because the banks don’t trust them therefore their accounts are always being closed.

Where to play online casinos?

You should always play in a legitimate casino. Consider these two factors because if you keep on playing in some wanna be bookie, you have a chance to lose a huge amount of money. So play in a casino with a legit license and proper payment method. I assure you, in the long run, it will be beneficial for you if you put these factors into mind.